Call Of Dragons Faction Guide - The Best Faction In The Game

Call Of Dragons Faction Guide – The Best Faction In The Game

Are you looking for a new Call of Dragons faction guide? If so, we can certainly help you out. Farlight Games’ MMO strategy title offers players three different factions to choose from, and picking the right one can be challenging. However, with this comprehensive guide, you can easily find the ideal faction that suits your playstyle and preferences, so you can get started on exploring and battling right away.

Let’s see each faction and its unique strengths:



Wilderburg is a newbie-friendly faction that is perfect for players who are just starting in the game. They offer a significant faction bonus effect of Legion Physical Attack +3% and Build Engineering +10%, making building faster and easier. The starting Hero for Wilderburg is Bakhar, and the faction is physically damage-oriented, consisting of Orcs, Goblins, Satyrs, and Tavrosi.


  • Legion Physical Attack +3%
  • Building Engineering +10% Main Races:
  • Orcs
  • Goblins
  • Satyrs
  • Tavrosi

Wilderburg’s warriors are a fierce group who highly values strength and honor. They believe that the power of dragons will lead them to victory as they seek to conquer Tamaris. No one can stand in their way.

League of Order

League of Order

As their name suggests, the League of Order is focused on good races such as Humans, Halflings, and Celestials. They offer faction bonuses of Legion Magic Defense +3% and Gathering Speed +10%, which is an excellent choice if you want to farm resources effectively.


  • Legion Magic Defense +3%
  • Gathering Speed +10% Main Races:
  • Humans
  • Halflings
  • Celestials

The League of Orders is determined to retake the Sacred Lands of Atheran. They are guided by the Light and refuse to retreat. Their soldiers are skilled in magic defense and gathering resources, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with.



Springwardens are geared towards PvP battles and offer faction bonuses of Legion March Speed +5% and Healing Speed +5%. However, this faction is not suitable for early-game players, and it’s best to wait until the late game to make the most of their strengths.


  • Legion March Speed +5%
  • Healing Speed +5% Main Races:
  • Elves
  • Treants
  • Forest Eagles

As darkness threatens the World Tree, the Children of the Forest have sworn to protect nature at all costs. They move quickly with their legion’s increased march speed and heal quickly with their enhanced healing speed. These races are experts at navigating the forest terrain and utilizing its resources.

Which Faction is the Best?

Which Faction is the Best?

The best faction in Call of Dragons ultimately depends on your play style and your preferences. If you are a new player looking for a faction that can help you build up your base quickly, then Wilderburg is the best choice. You can learn about him more from Call of Dragon Heroes Guide or you can also see pairing options from Call of Dragons Hero Pairing guide. If you want to focus on gathering resources, then the League of Order is the right choice. 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced player who wants to focus on PvP, then the Springwardens are the way to go. The faction’s unique features, such as dragon riding, dragon hoards, and dragon-empowered abilities, make them an exciting and challenging faction to play with. The inclusion of rare dragon breeds and the ability to level up your dragons only adds to the allure of the Call of Dragons. 

The faction’s weaknesses, such as their vulnerability to anti-dragon weaponry, make them a challenging faction to play with, but this only adds to the strategic depth of the game.


The Call of Dragons faction guide explains all that you have been wondering about. This game has a formidable force in the world of fantasy gaming about which you can learn more from Call of Dragons Beginners Guide.

Led by the powerful dragon overlords, the faction boasts of a diverse range of races with unique abilities and bonuses that are crucial in achieving victory in battles. The faction’s focus on the power of dragons and their capabilities has given them an edge in combat, and their emphasis on honor and strength ensures that their warriors are willing to fight to the end.

Overall, the Call of Dragons faction is a fantastic addition to any fantasy gaming experience. With their unique features, a diverse range of races, and powerful dragons, they are sure to provide players with a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.


Are there any games that don’t have the Call of Dragons faction?

The Call of Dragons faction is made up and only appears in specific fantasy games.

Is there a Call of Dragons faction where I may play as any race?

No, the Call of Dragons faction is made up of certain races, each of which has special advantages.

To play as the Call of Dragons faction, do I have to be a dragon rider?

No, although while dragon-riding is a key aspect of the faction, you do not need to take on the role of a dragon rider in order to play as the Call of Dragons faction.

Are the Call of Dragons faction’s dragons unbeatable?

No, despite their might, the dragons in the Call of Dragons faction are susceptible to anti-dragon weapons.

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