Call Of Dragons Hero Guide - How To Become The Ultimate Dragon Slayer

Call Of Dragons Hero Guide – How To Become The Ultimate Dragon Slayer

Heroes are essential to your overall gameplay, power, and growth in Call of Dragons. These generals command your soldiers and aid in resource collection. Each hero is unique and enables the development of PVP and PVE tactics thanks to their five distinctive skills, various stats, and talent trees. In case you want to learn more about them in detail, then this is a complete Call Of Dragons Hero Guide for you.

We will go over all you need to know about Call of Dragons heroes in this guide, including what’s crucial and what you should never do.

What You Need To Know About Heroes in Call of Dragons

What You Need To Know About Heroes in Call of Dragons

Heroes are commanders in Call of Dragons who may lead your army into battle. There are several kinds of heroes to pick from, each with its unique set of abilities and drawbacks. You may strengthen your heroes by upgrading them, and you can also specialize them by giving talent points to certain talents. Each hero has five distinct abilities, including a basic attack and four additional abilities that may be unlocked as you go through the levels.

Different Hero Types in Call of Dragons

Different Hero Types in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, heroes come in three different rarities: Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary heroes are the hardest to get, while Elite heroes are the most accessible. Your heroes’ star count, which in turn impacts their total power, depends on how rare they are. The heroes with the most stars are legendary, followed by epic and elite. You will get better explanation of this in Call of Dragons Beginners Guide.

Heroes may be acquired via a variety of strategies, including summoning, hiring, and buying. As a reward for performing particular tasks or activities, heroes may also be earned. The heroes come in three distinct rarities: Elite, Epic, and Legendary.

Legendary heroes are the most powerful but very difficult to obtain, whilst elite heroes are the simplest to obtain but also the weakest. Check out the list of every hero in Call of Dragons, broken down by role and rarity.

Key Points to Think About While Picking Heroes

Key Points to Think About While Picking Heroes

When choosing heroes in Call of Dragons, there are several factors to consider. They perform a significant function, maybe the most important. Each superhero has a specific role, such as Infantry, Cavalry, Archer, or Support. You should choose heroes who get along well with one another and work well as a team.


Its rarity is a crucial issue to take into account. The rarity of your heroes impacts their total power, as was already explained. The strongest heroes are legendary, yet they are also the most elusive.


You should also take into consideration the heroes’ talent and ability trees. Due to their talents and powers, heroes that fit your playstyle and strategy should be picked. By using Call of Dragons Codes, you can get benefits in enhancing their abilities too.

Hero Skills and Rage

Heroes play an important part in combat in Call of Dragons, and understanding their talents and anger levels is critical for success. Every hero has five distinct talents that may be improved to level 5, but the first is the most essential because it delivers the greatest damage. As a result, it is advised that you only improve your heroes’ levels and stars once they have maxed out their initial talent.

Skill Tree

Each hero has a Skill tree, and properly constructing it is crucial to optimize their effectiveness in combat. The role the hero plays, the troops you are utilizing, and your overall objective all affect how you construct your hero’s talent tree. To increase the number of talent points, you can utilize the talent tree, you can level up your hero.

Understanding a hero’s skills and rage levels, along with building their talent tree correctly, is crucial for success in Call of Dragons battles. Ensure that you invest time and resources into your heroes and follow the recommended guidelines to progress and achieve your goals.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Heroes

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Heroes

Neglecting your heroes’ powers and skills is a bad idea. Invest in the right skills to get the maximum return on your talent points. One of the most typical Call of Dragons blunders is choosing heroes without understanding their responsibilities. It is critical to have a well-balanced squad of heroes that can complement each other’s skills.

Hero Tips and Techniques

Hero Tips and Techniques

You already know how important heroes are to Call of Dragons’ gameplay. Here are some more advice and methods to help you get the most out of your heroes:

Type of Heroes

Every hero in Call of Dragons has a unique skill that is exclusive to a type of unit. Verify that the hero you select is the best match for the warriors you intend to utilize. For instance, if you are sending out infantrymen, you would want to pick a hero that focuses on boosting infantry troops’ attack and defense. You can also learn about Hero Pairing in the game by using Call of Dragons Hero Pairing Guide.

Focus City Hall

The most significant structure in your community is City Hall, and maintaining it should always be your first concern. Buildings and research may be unlocked, resource capacity is increased, and new heroes can be unlocked by upgrading your city hall. Make sure to give improving your City Hall top priority as soon as you can.

Focus on Getting Legendary Heroes

Legendary heroes are the most powerful heroes in Call of Dragons, but they are also the most difficult to obtain. To increase your chances of getting a legendary hero, make sure to participate in events, complete daily tasks, and open chests regularly. It’s also important to save your resources so that you can take advantage of events that offer increased chances of getting a legendary hero.


In conclusion, heroes play a crucial role in the gameplay and development of Call of Dragons. Each hero provides the players with a distinct tactical edge because of their special abilities, various attributes, and talent trees. Players may improve their power and gameplay by improving the heroes’ initial skill, concentrating on obtaining legendary heroes, and focusing on the city hall.

It’s critical to keep in mind the proper talent tree construction and unit selection based on the hero’s job while understanding this Call of Dragons Hero Guide.

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