Giant Behemoth Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Giant Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

The legendary Giant Behemoth stands as an inspiring force within the realm of Call of Dragons, captivating players with its colossal presence and unmatched power. This Behemoth, one of the most powerful characters in the game, dwarfs all foes with its sheer size and fury. It commands attention on the battlefield. In this Giant Behemoth guide, we go deep into the conversation to learn about its characteristics, powers, tactics, and how to best use its enormous potential to rule the Call of Dragons universe.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Giant Behemoth in Call of Dragon.
  • Discussion of its unique attributes.
  • Its abilities and skills, such as Reckless Blow, All Out Strike, shockwave, and more.
  • Conclusion of the article.


The Giant Behemoth in Call of Dragons is a colossal force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With its devastating abilities, it can unleash havoc upon enemy Legions. The Tremor Attack deals Physical Skill damage to nearby Legions or those in a forward arc, escalating in power from a Damage Factor of 600 to a staggering 3600. 

Giant Skills in the lair:

Giant Skills in the lair

The Giant Behemoth in Call of Dragons possesses an array of devastating skills that make it an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Let’s explore the fearsome abilities of this colossal character and learn how to unleash their full potential.

Primal Strength:

The Giant Behemoth is immune to all debuff effects and impairment, rendering it impervious to enemy attempts to weaken or hinder its performance.

Reckless Blow:

With a swing of its mighty arms, the Giant deals a significant amount of Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300). None can withstand the sheer force of this devastating attack.

All Out Strike:

The Giant charges briefly before unleashing a barrage of hammer strikes in four directions, just like the Necrogiant behemoth. Enemies within the arc in front of the strike are knocked airborne and endure Physical Skill damage equal to 20% of their Legion’s maximum unit count. This relentless assault leaves foes defenseless.


Displaying its colossal might, the Giant slams its enormous hammer into the ground, sending a powerful shockwave that knocks all surrounding Legions airborne just like Hydra. This ability allows the Giant to assert dominance over the battlefield, disrupting enemy formations.

Giant Skills in Alliance:

Giant Skills in Alliance:

Tremor Attack:

One of its fearsome skills is the Tremor Attack, where the Giant unleashes Physical Skill damage upon nearby enemy Legions or those within a forward arc, boasting an initial Damage Factor of 600. As this skill is upgraded, its destructive potential grows exponentially, reaching heights of 1200, 1800, 2400, and finally peaking at an awe-inspiring Damage Factor of 3600.


Another devastating maneuver at the Giant’s disposal is the Aftershock. With a brief moment of charging up, the Giant sends shockwaves through the battlefield, knocking all Legions airborne along three straight lines. As the skill is honed, its potency grows, escalating to 4000, 6000, 8000, and culminating in a staggering Damage Factor of 12000.

Mountain Aura:

The Giant possesses the Mountain Aura, a strategic ability that manifests two minutes after its summoning. The initial damage bonus of 5% gradually increases with each upgrade, offering increments of 8%, 11%, and 15% until reaching a remarkable 20%.


The Giant Behemoth is a legendary force in the world of Call of Dragons, capable of leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. With its immune nature to debuffs and impairments, it stands as an indomitable presence on the battlefield.

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