Hosk Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Hosk Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is a popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. It is a strategy game where players build their own kingdoms and armies and engage in battles with other players. One of the key features of the game is the ability to choose a hero, each with a unique talent tree and build, such as Alistair, to lead your army. In this article, we will be discussing one of the heroes in Call of Dragons, Hosk, his Talent Tree, recommended build, and best pairing.

About Hosk:

About Hosk:

Hosk is a powerful hero in Call of Dragons who specializes in leading infantry units. He is a well-rounded hero with high health, damage, and defense stats, making him a versatile choice for players who want a hero that can hold his own in battle. His unique ability, “Shield Wall,” increases the defense of all nearby infantry units, making them much harder to kill. Hosk also has a powerful ultimate ability, “Glory Charge,” which allows him to charge forward and deal damage to all enemies in his path.

Talent Tree:

Talent Tree:

The Talent Tree is a feature in Call of Dragons that allows players to customize their heroes’ skills and abilities. Hosk’s Talent Tree focuses on improving his defensive abilities and increasing the damage output of his infantry units. The following are some of the recommended talents for Hosk:

  • Iron Wall: Increases Hosk’s defense and the defense of all nearby infantry units.
  • Hold the Line: Increases the damage reduction of all nearby infantry units.
  • Marching Orders: Increases the march speed of all nearby infantry units.
  • Combat Tactics: Increases the attack and defense of all infantry units in battle.
  • Battle Cry: Increases the attack of all nearby infantry units.
Recommended Build: 

To build a strong army in Call of Dragons, players need to focus on a variety of units that can cover different roles and perform well in different situations. One of the recommended builds for players is to have a mix of infantry, ranged, and cavalry units.

Infantry units are essential for defending against attacks, while ranged units are ideal for attacking from a distance. Cavalry units are great for quickly moving around the battlefield and flanking enemies.

Some of the recommended units to include in this build are:

  • Infantry: Spearmen, Swordsmen, and Pikemen
  • Ranged: Archers, Ballistae, and Crossbowmen
  • Cavalry: Horsemen, Cataphracts, and Elephants

Best Pairing Options:

Pairing dragons in Call of Dragons is an essential aspect of the game. It allows players to create a more powerful and effective dragon army that can easily defeat enemy forces. The following are the best pairing options for the Hosk Talent Tree:

Hosk and Ash: 

Hosk’s Combat and Support talents, combined with Ash’s Control talents, create a powerful dragon army that can deal massive damage, heal itself, and control enemy forces.

Hosk and Magma: 

Hosk’s Combat and Control talents, combined with Magma’s Support talents, create a strategic and tactical dragon army that can outmaneuver and outsmart enemy forces.

Hosk and Forest: 

Hosk’s Support and Control talents, combined with Forest’s Combat talents, create a balanced and sustainable dragon army that can withstand enemy attacks and deal massive damage.


Building a strong army in Call of Dragons requires a mix of different unit types and strategic hero pairings. Players can create a formidable force that can take on any challenge by focusing on a combination of infantry, ranged, and cavalry units and equipping them with the best gear available. By pairing heroes with units that complement their skills and abilities, players can maximize their army’s potential and dominate the battlefield.

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