Thunder Roc Behemoth Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Thunder Roc Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

In the thrilling realm of Call of Dragon, the Thunder Roc soars high above, commanding the skies with its electrifying power. This article explores the Thunder Roc’s Unique Skills and provides insights into the best pairing options within the game. From unleashing devastating lightning attacks to forming formidable alliances, the Thunder Roc’s versatile abilities and strategic partnerships enhance the gaming experience, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Thunder Roc character in Call of Dragon.
  • Overview of the Thunder Roc’s unique skills.
  • Synergistic pairing options with other characters for enhanced gameplay.
  • Conclusion of the article.


“The Thunder Roc in Call of Dragons is an esteemed and formidable Behemoth. While it presents a challenging encounter, it is a conquerable foe that players can easily defeat and claim as their own. With a total of over 40 Thunder Rocs scattered across the map, it becomes imperative for every alliance to secure ownership of at least one”.

Thunder Roc Skills:

Thunder Roc Skills:

The Giant Bear monsters in the game boast a wide range of skills, much like other characters in the game. Each monster, including the Giant Bear, possesses their own unique skill sets and talent trees that contribute to the diversity and depth of gameplay. In contrast, in the game, a variety of powerful characters have customized talent tree build and pairing, such as Bakshi’s talent tree, build and pairing, and Eliana’s talent tree, build, and best pairing.

Thunder Roc Skills in lair:

Thunder Roc Skills in lair:

Zealous Blow:

By vigorously shaking its wings, the Thunder Roc creates a mighty wind that inflicts Magic Skill damage on all nearby Legions (Damage Factor 500).

Wing Strike:

The Thunder Roc extends its impressive wings, delivering a powerful strike that inflicts Magic Skill damage to all Legions within a frontal arc (Damage Factor 300).

Storm Cage:

When the Thunder Roc unleashes its ball lightning into two bodies of water, it forms a barrier that slows the March Speed of any Legions inside it and inflicts continual Magic Skill damage (Legion’s maximum Unit Count: 4%) for 20 seconds.

Electrostatic Discharge:

The Thunder Roc’s electrical discharge harms all enemy Legions in the water it occupies, equal to forty percent of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count, and slows their movement by one square.

Electronic Blast:

Thunder Roc circles in the air, delivering electric shocks to three random enemy Legions. Subsequently, lightning strikes the affected Legions, causing Magic Skill damage to nearby Legions (Damage Factor 500). The Legions are vulnerable to Electrostatic Discharge if they are submerged in water.

Fall Back:

After collecting all the Manastones, Thunder Roc descends into the center of its Lair, becoming briefly stunned.

Thunder Roc Skills in Alliance:

Thunder Roc Skills in Alliance:

Gathering Storm:

Inflicting Magic Skill damage on all opponent Legions in the vicinity (Damage Rating 1,800), Thunder Roc unleashes a powerful lightning assault after a brief charging time.

Thunder Wings:

Thunder Roc inflicts Magic Skill damage to nearby enemy Legions or those within a forward arc (Damage Factor 600).

Predator Spirit:

Upon being summoned, Thunder Roc activates Predator Spirit, increasing its ATK by 40% and boosting the March Speed of surrounding friendly Legions by 20% for 30 seconds.

Best Pairing Options:

Best Pairing Options:

Storm Mage: 

Combining the Thunder Roc’s lightning attacks with the Storm Mage’s spellcasting abilities creates a devastating combination of elemental powers.

Ice Dragon: 

The Thunder Roc’s aerial superiority complements the Ice Dragon’s freezing breath, allowing for coordinated attacks and crowd control.

Shadow Assassin: 

The Thunder Roc’s ability to dive from above pairs well with the Shadow Assassin’s stealth and precision strikes, catching enemies off-guard.


The Thunder Roc in Call of Dragon is a majestic and powerful character capable of devastating lightning attacks and aerial superiority. By carefully selecting a skill and pairing the Thunder Roc with compatible allies, players can unleash its full potential and dominate the battlefield.

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