Velyn Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Velyn Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Velyn is a powerful archer hero in the mobile strategy game Call of Dragons. Her ability to deal massive damage from a distance makes her a valuable asset to any team. Velyn and Pan have unique talent trees, builds and best pairing that can be optimized for different playstyles and team compositions. In this guide, we will provide an overview of Velyn’s talent tree, build and the best pairings to make her even more effective on the battlefield.



Velyn is an archer hero who excels in ranged combat. She is a versatile hero who can be used in a variety of situations, making her a popular choice for players. Her talent tree build allows her to deal massive damage to enemy troops and also provides her with defensive abilities to protect her from enemy attacks. 

Velyn Talent Tree:

Velyn Talent Tree:

Velyn’s talent tree is designed to enhance her damage output, attack speed, and critical hit chance. The archery path is the optimal route for Velyn, and players are recommended to allocate points into talents such as Arrow Storm, Precision, and Deadly Precision to amplify her damage output.

Additionally, it’s important for players to invest in talents that bolster Velyn’s defensive capabilities to safeguard her from enemy attacks. Galea’s Protection and Iron Spear are examples of excellent defensive talents that can increase Velyn’s survivability on the battlefield. By strategically investing points into both offensive and defensive talents, players can make Velyn a formidable force on the battlefield.

Recommended Build:

The recommended talent build for Velyn is a mixture of archery and support talents. Players should focus on archery talents that increase Velyn’s damage output and support talents that provide defensive abilities to protect her from enemy attacks.

The recommended build for Velyn is as follows:

  • Arrow Storm – Increases Velyn’s attack range and damage.
  • Precision – Increases Velyn’s critical hit chance.
  • Galea’s Protection – Provides Velyn with additional defensive abilities to protect her from enemy attacks.
  • Iron Spear – Provides Velyn with additional defensive abilities to protect her from enemy attacks.
  • Deadly Precision – Increases Velyn’s critical hit damage.

Best Pairings:

To optimize Velyn’s performance on the battlefield, players are advised to pair her with other heroes that complement her strengths. Below are some of the most effective hero pairings for Velyn in Call of Dragons:


As a potent mage hero, Luminous can unleash devastating area-of-effect damage to enemy troops. When combined with Velyn’s ranged attacks, the two heroes can swiftly decimate entire enemy armies.


As a support hero, Vega can boost her allies’ damage output and provide healing when necessary. When paired with Velyn, Vega can heal Velyn during critical moments and amplify her damage potential against enemy troops.


As a tank hero, Xerxes excels at absorbing damage and shielding his allies from harm. When teamed up with Velyn, Xerxes can draw enemy attacks away from Velyn, ensuring she stays safe and continues to unleash her ranged attacks from afar.

By selecting hero pairings that match Velyn’s strengths and complement her abilities, players can create a potent and well-rounded team that can dominate opponents in Call of Dragons.


In Call of Dragons, Velyn is an exceptional archer hero who thrives in ranged combat. Players can enhance her abilities by concentrating on her archery talents and teaming her up with heroes that complement her strengths. When equipped with an appropriate talent build and paired with the right heroes, Velyn can be a valuable addition to any team in Call of Dragons, creating a formidable force that is hard to defeat.

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