Flame Dragon Behemoth Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Flame Dragon Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The Flame Dragon Behemoth appears as a gorgeous and fearsome beast within the fantasy world of Call of Dragons. The Flame Dragon Behemoth demands respect on the battlefield with its flaming breath and overwhelming might. We explore the Flame Dragon Behemoth’s powers, talents, and strategies in great detail in this in-depth guide, offering players priceless insights to help them harness its flaming potential and rule the Call of Dragons universe.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Flame Dragon Behemoth in Call of Dragons.
  • Discussion of its unique attributes and strengths.
  • Exploration of its devastating abilities and skills.
  • Strategies for maximizing the Flame Dragon Behemoth’s potential.
  • Conclusion of the guide.


The Flame Dragon Behemoth in Call of Dragons is a force to be reckoned with, renowned for its scorching power and commanding presence. It instills dread in the hearts of its opponents with its flaming breath and commanding size. The Flame Dragon Behemoth possesses a range of devastating abilities, from its flame-infused attacks to its fierce resilience. 

Flame Dragon Skills in Lair:

Flame Dragon Skills in Lair:

Lair of the Firedancer:

After 10 minutes of battle, the Flame Dragon becomes Enraged, unleashing its ultimate power. It casts Dragonglass Barrage, obliterating all Legions within its lair, leaving no survivors in its wake.

Dragonclaw Strike:

With its mighty claws, the Flame Dragon executes a devastating attack known as Dragonclaw Strike. The power of this attack is formidable, with a high Damage Factor of 1,000.

Flame Charge:

Harnessing the fiery essence within, the Flame Dragon unleashes a surging jet of flame in the form of Flame Charge just like Magma Daemon. The destructive potential of Flame Charge is immense, boasting a formidable Damage Factor of 1,500.

Tail Strike:

With a powerful swing, the Flame Dragon executes Tail Strike, striking all enemy Legions in a backward arc. The impact releases a surge of magical energy, dealing significant Magic Skill damage. The Damage Factor of 1,000 ensures that enemies are left reeling from the Flame Dragon’s wrath.

Leaping Strike:

This Leaping Strike inflicts formidable Magic Skill damage, showcasing the Flame Dragon’s dominance on the battlefield. The Damage Factor of 2,000 ensures devastation upon its foes. Other such skills are also found in another dragon called Hydra which can be used as an alternative.

Flame Dragon Skills in Alliance

Flame Dragon Skills in Alliance

Dragonclaw Strike:

The Flame Dragon unleashes its fearsome power through Dragonclaw Strike. This devastating attack possesses a starting Damage Factor of 600, which can be further enhanced through upgrades to reach 1200, 1800, 2400, and an astounding 3600.

Burn Out:

This formidable skill commences with a Damage Factor of 2500, which can be elevated through upgrades to reach unprecedented heights, reaching 5000, 7500, 10000, and a staggering 15000.

Scorch Mark:

This empowering ability augments are nearby friendly Legions, boosting their Skill damage by 10% and granting them immunity to control effects for a duration of 30 seconds. As upgrades are applied, the Skill damage bonus increases to 15%, 25%, and beyond.


In the world of Call of Dragons, the Flame Dragon is a powerful opponent. It leaves a path of devastation in its wake with the help of its destructive abilities, such as Burn Out and Dragonclaw Strike. Allied Legions are given more strength by the Scorch Mark ability, which also increases their skill damage and gives control immunity. 

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