Emrys Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Emrys Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

The smartphone game Call of Dragons has swept the gaming industry by storm. The players construct kingdoms, raise armies, and fight each other in pitched combat. In order to augment the team’s combat capabilities, players can incorporate other formidable characters such as Bakshi, who possesses a unique talent tree, builds, and best pairing strategies. In this article, we will be discussing the hero Emrys, the recommended build for players using him, and the best pairing for Emrys in Call of Dragons.

About Emrys:

About Emrys:

Emrys is a powerful hero in Call of Dragons. He is a mage who excels in magical attacks and has the ability to heal his troops. His skills make him an excellent choice for players who prefer a defensive playstyle. Emrys’ abilities can be unlocked by upgrading him and earning skill points.

Talent Tree: 

Talent Tree: 

The Talent Tree is a feature in Call of Dragons that allows players to customize their heroes to better suit their playstyle. There are three branches in the Talent Tree: War, Strategy, and Development. Each branch has its own set of talents that can be unlocked by earning talent points.

For players who choose Emrys as their hero, it is recommended to focus on the Strategy branch of the Talent Tree. This branch contains talents that increase Emrys’ healing ability and reduce the time it takes for his abilities to recharge. Some of the recommended talents for Emrys in the Strategy branch are:

  • Healing Mastery: This talent increases Emrys’ healing ability, making him more effective in battle.
  • Healing Wind: This talent reduces the time it takes for Emrys’ healing ability to recharge, allowing him to heal his troops more frequently.
  • Magic Mastery: This talent increases Emrys’ magic damage, making him more effective in combat.
Recommended Build: 

When using Emrys, players should focus on a mix of ranged and infantry units. Infantry units are important for defense, while ranged units can attack from a distance. Emrys’ healing abilities make him a good pairing with infantry units, which can hold the line while he heals them.

Some of the recommended units to include in this build are:

  • Infantry: Spearmen, Swordsmen, and Pikemen
  • Ranged: Archers, Ballistae, and Crossbowmen

In addition to having a mix of units, it is recommended that players equip their units with the best gear available to them. Upgrading gear will increase the stats of the units, making them stronger and more durable in battle.

Best Pairing: 

Emrys is a powerful Mage hero in the mobile game Call of Dragons, known for her ability to deal massive magic damage and stun enemies. To maximize her effectiveness in battle, it is important to pair her up with the right hero who can protect her from enemy attacks while she deals damage from afar. Emrys works best with a Tank or Support hero.

Here are some heroes that complement Emrys well:

  • Vale: Vale is a Support hero who can heal Emrys and provide her with a shield. This allows Emrys to deal more damage while also staying protected from enemy attacks.
  • Grock: Grock is a Tank hero who can create walls to block enemy attacks and protect Emrys. Grock’s ability to shield Emrys from enemy attacks allows her to focus on dealing damage and controlling the battlefield.
  • Akai:  Akai is a Tank hero who can stun enemies, allowing Emrys to deal more damage. Akai’s stun ability complements Emrys’ damage-dealing potential and allows her to take down enemies quickly.


Emrys is a powerful hero in Call of Dragons, best suited for players who prefer a defensive playstyle. By using a mix of infantry and ranged units and equipping them with the best gear available, players can create a formidable army that can take on any challenge. Pairing Emrys with infantry units is the best strategy, allowing him to heal his troops while they defend against enemy attacks.

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