Pan Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Pan Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is a widely played strategy game that boasts a diverse cast of heroes with distinct abilities and talents. One such hero is Pan, who is a valuable asset to any team due to his exceptional support abilities on the battlefield. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Pan’s talent tree, build, and best pairing to help players maximize his potential in Call of Dragons. You may consider reviewing Nika’s talent tree, builds, and most effective pairing strategies to further bolster the team’s combat effectiveness.



Pan is a support hero in Call of Dragons who specializes in healing and providing buffs to his allies. He has an impressive set of skills that can improve his team’s combat abilities and increase their survivability on the battlefield. Pan is a versatile hero who can adapt to various combat situations, making him an essential asset to any team.

Pan’s Talent Tree:

Pan's Talent Tree:

Pan’s talent tree is designed to enhance his supportive capabilities, making him an ideal hero for those who prioritize team play. Players can allocate talent points into his talents that provide healing, buffing, and crowd control effects. Here are some of the key talents that players should focus on when building Pan’s talent tree:

  • Healing Touch: This talent increases Pan’s healing ability, allowing him to restore more health to his allies.
  • Improved Defense: This talent boosts the defense of Pan and his nearby allies, making them more resilient to enemy attacks.
  • Whirlwind: This talent unleashes a powerful AOE attack that can damage multiple enemy units.
  • Battle Cry: This talent provides a morale boost to Pan and his allies, increasing their attack and defense for a limited time.
Recommended Build for Pan:

To maximize Pan’s supportive capabilities, players should focus on building a talent tree that emphasizes his healing and crowd control abilities. Here’s a recommended build for Pan in Call of Dragons:

  • First, players should invest in Healing Touch and Improved Defense to increase Pan’s healing and defensive abilities.
  • Next, players should allocate points into Whirlwind to give Pan an offensive edge.
  • Finally, players should invest in Battle Cry to provide a significant boost to Pan and his allies attack and defense.

Best Pairing for Pan:

Pan is a versatile hero who can complement various heroes on the battlefield. However, some heroes synergize better with him than others. Here are some of the best pairings for Pan in Call of Dragons:


Velyn is an archer hero who excels in dealing with damage from a distance. When paired with Pan, Velyn can receive healing and defensive buffs, allowing her to stay on the battlefield longer.


Vega is a support hero who can heal and provide buffs to her allies. When teamed up with Pan, the two heroes can provide massive healing and defensive bonuses to their allies.


Xerxes is a tank hero who can absorb damage and protect his allies. When paired with Pan, Xerxes can draw enemy attacks away from Pan and provide additional protection to the team.


Pan is a versatile and powerful support hero in Call of Dragons. By investing in his supportive talents, players can create a formidable team that can withstand even the toughest opponents. When paired with the right heroes, Pan can maximize his supportive abilities and become an essential asset to any team. With this guide, players can create an effective Pan talent build and pairing to dominate their enemies in Call of Dragons.

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