Necrogiant Behemoth Guide - How to Tame the Beast

Necrogiant Behemoth Guide – How to Tame the Beast

The Necrogiant Behemoth is a terrible figure in the legendary world of Call of Dragons. With the help of the might of the undead, this strong figure instills terror in its enemies. The Necrogiant Behemoth, one of the most terrifying characters in the game, rules chaos and obliteration on the battlefield. In this Necrogiant Behemoth Guide, we dive into the inner workings of this terrifying behemoth, learning about its skills, powers, tactics, and how to best use its demonic might to rule the world of Call of Dragons.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Necrogiant in Call of Dragon.
  • It’s skills and physical power in the game.
  • Attacks and abilities, such as Blood Oath, Dark Benediction, Deadly Shadows, and more.
  • Conclusion of the article.


In the world of Call of Dragons, the terrifying Necrogiant has obscene abilities that strike dread into the hearts of its adversaries. This enormous beast is an unstoppable force in both alliance disputes and lair warfare, thanks to a variety of destructive talents. The Necrogiant intimidates its adversaries with its blood oath, occult fortitude, lethal synergy with Giants, and command over evil magic. The Necrogiant releases devastating energies that devastate opposing Legions. 

Necrogiant Skills in Lair:

Necrogiant Skills in Lair:

The Necrogiant Behemoth unleashes a terrible selection of abilities from the depths of its lair, using the might of the undead to terrorize its adversaries. Let’s look at the spooky skills this fearsome creature possesses:

Blood Oath:

In an unprecedented connection, Necrogiants and Giants form a blood oath, intertwining their health points (HP). This unique bond ensures that both beings share their life force, increasing their overall resilience and survivability on the battlefield.

Occult Resilience:

The Necrogiant possesses an uncanny immunity to Magic damage, debuff effects, and impairment, rendering it impervious to enemy attempts to weaken or hinder its dark powers. This mystical resilience allows the Necrogiant to stand firm against magical assaults and emerge unscathed.

Dark Benediction:

When Necrogiants and Giants draw near each other, a dark synergy forms. This synergy significantly reduces the damage inflicted upon them, enhancing their resilience and bolstering their defenses.

Deadly Shadows:

Harnessing their otherworldly abilities, Necrogiants and Giants initiate the Deadly Shadows skill. Both beings begin channeling teleportation, becoming invulnerable in the process.

Necrogiant Skills in Alliance:

Necrogiant Skills in Alliance:

Grievous Attack:

The Grievous Attack skill strikes with a Damage Factor of 600, obliterating foes who dare to stand in its path like Giant Behemoth. As the skill is upgraded, its destructive potential intensifies, reaching new heights at 1200, 1800, 2400, and culminating at a staggering 3600.


Upon contact, the Shadowsphere inflicts continuous Magic Skill damage with a Damage Factor of 600. This ominous orb persists for a limited duration before dissipating into the shadows. More characters like Flame Dragon possess the same abilities, too, in case you want to learn about them.

Tome of Infernal Secrets:

Upon its summoning, the Necrogiant attunes itself to the Tome of Infernal Secrets, a source of infernal knowledge and power. Every 30 seconds, the Necrogiant’s connection with the tome deepens, augmenting its strength. Upgrading this skill further amplifies the damage bonus, offering increments of 10%, 15%, 20%, and culminating at an astounding 25%.


The Necrogiant is a strong character in the vast globe of Call of Dragons, possessing terrible powers and inspiring dread and reverence. With its blood oath and occult resiliency, this enormous beast forges an unbreakable link with Giants, combining their power and fortitude on the battlefield. 

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