Kinnara Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Kinnara Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Kinnara is a powerful and versatile dragon that is featured in the popular mobile game Call of Dragons Behemoths. With its exceptional abilities, Kinnara is a popular choice for players looking to create a strong dragon army. In this article, we will explore Kinnara’s talent tree, build, and best pairing options.

Kinnara Guide:

Kinnara Guide:

Kinnara is a legendary hero in Call of Dragons with exceptional abilities. Kinnara has a unique talent tree, including marksman, PVP, and control. She is a fantastic pick for both PVP and PVE due to her great nuke defense. Kinnara’s first skill is particularly potent when used with archers. In addition, when using archer units with Kinnara, you can increase your attack damage by 30%.

If you have Kinnara on your team, it is advisable to use her when capturing behemoths. Due to her incredible damage-dealing ability, she is capable of inflicting massive damage on the behemoth from a distance. This can give you an advantage in battle and increase your chances of winning.

Talent Tree:

Talent Tree:

Kinnara’s talent tree consists of three branches: war, defense, and support. The war branch is focused on enhancing Kinnara’s offensive capabilities, while the defense branch focuses on increasing its durability. The support branch includes talents that provide Kinnara with additional utility and support in battle.

  • In the war branch, Kinnara’s primary talent is the “Rage of the Wind” skill, which increases its damage output by 5% for each enemy unit that it attacks. Additionally, the “Dragon’s Fury” talent increases Kinnara’s critical strike chance by 10% and critical strike damage by 25%.
  • In the defense branch, the “Dragon’s Scales” talent is a must-have as it increases Kinnara’s health points and armor, making it more durable in battle. Additionally, the “Dragon’s Resilience” talent increases Kinnara’s resistance to various debuffs.
  • The support branch includes talents that boost Kinnara’s healing abilities and enhance its team support capabilities. The “Dragon’s Blessing” talent increases Kinnara’s healing by 20%, while the “Dragon’s Roar” talent provides a team-wide boost to damage output.

Players can also invest in Bakhar’s talent tree, build, and pairing, which can provide additional leadership and peacekeeping skills.

Recommended Build:

The best build for Kinnara is a hybrid build that focuses on both offense and defense. This build maximizes Kinnara’s damage output while also increasing its durability, making it an effective frontline fighter.

The recommended build for Kinnara includes the following talents:

  • Rage of the Wind
  • Dragon’s Scales
  • Dragon’s Fury
  • Dragon’s Blessing
  • Dragon’s Resilience
  • Dragon’s Roar

With this build, Kinnara is capable of dealing significant damage while also surviving in battle due to its increased durability and healing abilities.

Best Pairing:

Kinnara is classified as a Marksman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which means that she functions best alongside either a Tank or Support hero. The most suitable heroes to pair with Kinnara are those who can safeguard her from enemy attacks while she attacks from a distance. Here are a few heroes that complement Kinnara’s strengths:

  • Tigreal: As a Tank hero, Tigreal can stun enemies, which allows Kinnara to inflict more damage.
  • Angela: Angela is a Support hero who has the ability to heal Kinnara and provide her with a protective shield.
  • Kaja: Kaja is another Tank hero who can draw enemies towards himself, providing Kinnara with a chance to attack them.
  • Grock: Grock is a Tank hero who can construct walls to obstruct enemy attacks and safeguard Kinnara.
  • Diggie: As a Support hero, Diggie can provide Kinnara with additional Movement Speed, as well as revive her if she is defeated.


Kinnara is a powerful and versatile dragon that can be used well in either an attacking or defensive role. Kinnara is a fantastic addition to any Call of Dragons Behemoths dragon army due to her amazing talent tree, suggested build, and finest pairing options.

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