Magma Daemon Behemoth Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Magma Daemon Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The Magma Daemon Behemoth, a formidable entity in the realm of Call of Dragons, harnesses the power of molten lava and infernal energy. Due to its destructive assaults and the devastation it causes to its foes, its presence on the battlefield inspires terror in its adversaries. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the depths of the Magma Daemon Behemoth’s abilities, strategies, and tactics.

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Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Magma Daemon Behemoth in Call of Dragons.
  • Discussion of its unique attributes and strengths.
  • Exploration of its abilities and skills.
  • Conclusion of the guide.


The Magma Daemon, also known as the Magma Devourer, is a potent force on the battlefield thanks to its healing and destroying prowess. It unleashes devastating Magic Skill damage upon nearby and distant enemy Legions, either through its close-range attacks or ranged lava waves. Additionally, it possesses the unique capability to heal friendly Legions, providing crucial support in the midst of battles.

Magma Daemon Skills in Lair:

Magma Daemon Skills in Lair:

Primal Strength:

The Magma Daemons possess an inherent immunity to debuff effects and impairment, making them impervious to enemy attempts to weaken or hinder their performance.

Infernal Deluge:

Summoning the forces of molten fury, the Magma Devourer unleashes torrents of lava that swirl around it, dealing Magic Skill damage to all surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 1,200). The relentless flow of magma engulfs all in its path.

Blazing Wave:

The Magma Devourer changes its tactics and unleashes a wave of molten lava as a ranged attack when the target Legion is out of reach. This wave inflicts Magic Skill damage to all Legions caught in its path, as well as at its endpoint, based on a percentage of the Legion’s maximum unit count (1% and 2%, respectively).

Magma Daemon Skills in Alliance:

Magma Daemon Skills in Alliance:

Hand of the Devourer:

Its “Hand of the Devourer” ability allows it to unleash Magic Skill damage upon all Legions in its vicinity or within a forward arc (Damage Factor 600). When faced with distant targets, the Magma Devourer adapts its strategy, launching ranged attacks in the form of a lava wave that inflicts Magic Skill damage on Legions caught in its path and at its endpoint (Damage Factor 600).

Hand of the Devourer:

Its “Hot Spring” skill enables it to heal all friendly Legions in its vicinity, rejuvenating their health (Healing Factor 300). This ability proves invaluable in sustaining the strength and endurance of allied forces during intense battles.

Magma Destruction:

When its Battle Duration reaches its end, it triggers a cataclysmic event known as “Magma Destruction.” This self-destructive act engulfs all surrounding Legions in a torrent of Magic Skill damage, inflicting devastating consequences upon those in its path (Damage Factor 5000).


This was a guide on Magma Daemon from Call of Dragons. In the field of combat, the Magma Daemon is a formidable opponent. The armies it confronts are subjected to both destruction and help from its destructive Magic Skill strikes and healing powers. 

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