Eliana Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Eliana Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is a renowned strategy game that features a diverse selection of heroes with distinct abilities and talents. One of the most formidable heroes in the game is Eliana, who can provide significant support to her allies during battles. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Eliana’s talent tree, recommended build, and optimal pairing options to help players maximize her potential on the battlefield.

About Eliana:

About Eliana:

Eliana is a versatile hero in Call of Dragons that excels in both support and combat. She possesses a range of abilities that make her a valuable asset to any team. Eliana is a support hero, which means she can heal and protect her allies, but she is also proficient in ranged combat, allowing her to deal significant damage to enemy troops. She can create a more formidable army by teaming up with Velyn and customizing her talent tree and builds.

Eliana’s Talent Tree:

Eliana's Talent Tree:

Eliana’s talent tree is divided into three main paths: support, archery, and defense. Her support path focuses on healing and buffing her allies, while her archery path emphasizes increasing her damage output from a distance. Her defense path is dedicated to increasing her survivability on the battlefield. 

With talents such as “Empower Magic” and “Mighty Blows,” players can significantly increase Eliana’s damage output. The “Endurance” and “Evasion” talents improve her survivability by increasing her health and enabling her to avoid incoming attacks.

Additionally, “Quick Thinking” and “Rapid Deployment” enable Eliana to respond quickly to different battle conditions and support her team accordingly.

Eliana’s talent tree offers players a wide range of options to customize their playstyle and adapt to different situations. With the right talents, build, and pairing options, Eliana can become a crucial member of any team and a formidable force on the battlefield in Call of Dragons.

Recommended Build for Eliana:

The recommended talent build for Eliana is a combination of her support and archery paths. Players should prioritize talents such as Healing Light, Ranged Defense, and Precision to increase her healing capabilities and ranged damage output. Additionally, talents such as Galea’s Protection and Shield Wall are essential for increasing her survivability on the battlefield.

Best Pairing for Eliana:

Eliana pairs well with heroes that can complement her strengths and cover her weaknesses. Here are some of the best pairings for Eliana in Call of Dragons:



Bakshi is a tank hero, able to take hits in order to save his teammates. Bakshi can shield Eliana from damage and divert enemy fire while they’re teamed up.



Pan is a support hero who can increase his friends’ health and attack power. By joining forces with Eliana, Pan’s healing and damage output are greatly improved.



Velyn is an archer hero that can deal massive damage to enemy troops from a distance. When paired with Eliana, Velyn can cover her while she heals and provide additional ranged damage to the enemy troops.


Eliana is a versatile hero in Call of Dragons that excels in both support and combat. Her talent tree recommended build and the best pairing makes her a valuable asset to any team in the game. By focusing on her support and archery talents and pairing her with heroes that complement her strengths, players can create a formidable team that is difficult to defeat.

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