Direbear Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Direbear Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

In the realm of Call of Dragons, the Direbear Behemoth stands as a fearsome and formidable creature, embodying the raw power and primal fury of nature itself. This majestic behemoth is revered for its immense strength, sturdy build, and relentless determination in battle. In this article, we delve into the remarkable abilities and characteristics of the Direbear Behemoth, shedding light on its commanding presence on the battlefield.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Direbear monster in Call of Dragon.
  • Unique attributes and physical prowess of the Direbear.
  • Special abilities and skills, such as Frenzy, Healing Manastone, Phantom Charge, and more.
  • Conclusion of the article.


“The Direbear is a formidable and rare Behemoth in the realm of Call of Dragons, often unknown to many. Its presence is not easily discovered, making the task of conquering it both challenging and exceptional. Accessing the Direbear requires completing the capture of the pass in the next zone. It is crucial for players to devise a well-thought-out strategy and make adequate preparations before engaging in battle with this formidable creature. Only through careful planning and execution can they hope to overcome the Direbear and claim the valuable rewards that await.”

Direbear Skills in Lair:

Direbear Skills in Lair:

The skills and powers possessed by Direbear are as bit as deadly as those by Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs, and Hydras skills and abilities. Additionally, Direbear is equipped with the following skills and capabilities.

Primal Strength:

The Direbear possesses primal strength that renders it immune to all debuff effects and impairment effects. This inherent resilience allows the Direbear to maintain its formidable presence on the battlefield without being hindered by negative influences.

Claw Strike:

The Direbear utilizes its deadly claws to strike at enemy Legions in a forward arc, inflicting Magic Skill damage. This claw strike has a Damage Factor of 300, making it a formidable offensive ability.

Berserker Cyclone:

Unleashing a whirlwind of claw attacks, the Direbear inflicts Magic Skill damage to all surrounding Legions. This powerful cyclone strike has a Damage Factor of 500, allowing the Direbear to strike multiple enemies simultaneously.


By smashing the ground with dark energy, the Direbear creates a Darkseal in a circular area. Legions within the Darkseal suffer ongoing Magic Skill damage every second, equal to 3% of their maximum Unit Count. It is important to note that the Darkseal can be dispelled, providing an opportunity for enemy Legions to mitigate the damage.


Successfully striking Legions during its charging attack triggers a state of Frenzy for the Direbear. This heightened state causes the Direbear to continuously cast its abilities, allowing it to unleash a relentless onslaught on its foes.

Healing Manastone:

As the Direbear’s health decreases, its Lair produces Healing Manastones to aid in recovery. These valuable resources can be gathered to heal lightly wounded units within a Legion.

Direbear Skills in Alliance:

Direbear Skills in Alliance:

Dark Strike:

The Direbear unleashes a devastating attack known as Dark Strike, dealing Magic Skill damage to enemy Legions nearby or those within a forward arc. This powerful ability has a Damage Factor of 500, allowing the Direbear to inflict significant damage upon its foes.

Phantom Charge:

Harnessing its mystical prowess, the Direbear summons a phantom that charges forward, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions unfortunate enough to be in its path. This powerful attack, known as Phantom Charge, has a base Damage Factor of 2,200. The phantom’s ferocious assault can inflict substantial damage upon its targets.

Poison Cloud:

Upon being summoned, the Direbear unleashes a skill called Poison Cloud, which manifests as a veil of noxious fumes. This cloud has a unique effect on surrounding friendly Legions, causing them to gain 10 Rage every 30 seconds. This influx of Rage empowers the allied Legions, enabling them to unleash their abilities more frequently and with greater impact.


The Direbear Behemoth’s imposing presence and formidable skill set make it an invaluable asset on the battlefield in Call of Dragons. With its mighty roar, thundering charge, savage mauling, and a host of other abilities, the Direbear strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies while providing unwavering support to its allies.

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