Hydra Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Hydra Behemoth Guide – Everything You Need to Know

In the fantastical world of Call of Dragons, the mighty Hydra Behemoth stands out as one of the most formidable and awe-inspiring creatures. With its immense size, multiple heads, and devastating abilities, the Hydra Behemoth has become a favorite among players seeking a dominant force on the battlefield. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Hydra Behemoth and explore its unique skills and strategies for success.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to the Hydra monster in Call of Dragon.
  • Unique attributes and physical prowess of the Hydra.
  • Special abilities and skills, such as Poisonous Pulse, Tail Sweep, Rancorous Strike, and more.
  • Conclusion of the article.


The Hydra Behemoth is a legendary creature known for its colossal size and ferocious nature. It possesses multiple heads, each with its own set of deadly abilities, making it a versatile and formidable opponent. Over thirty Hydras dot the landscape, making it a priority for any alliance to take control of at least one. You will get 600 Gems, a Relocation Teleport, a 25-hour Speedup, 1,000,000 Gold, 500,000 Wood, and 750,000,000 Ore for defeating Hydra.

Hydra Skills in Lair:

Hydra Skills in Lair:

Hydra have skills and abilities that are comparable dangerous to those of Giant Bear, Thunder Roc, and Direbear skills and abilities. In addition, Hydra have the following skills and abilities:

Primal Strength:

The Hydra possesses immunity to debuff effects and impairment effects, making it a formidable force on the battlefield. Its resilience and resistance to negative effects give it an advantage in combat.

Fang Strike:

The Hydra unleashes a powerful attack by tearing at enemies with its deadly fangs. This attack deals Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 300) to all enemy Legions within a forward arc.

Tail Sweep:

With a sweeping motion of its powerful tail, the Hydra inflicts Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 500) to Legions surrounding it. This wide-reaching attack allows the Hydra to hit multiple enemies at once.


The three heads of the Hydra exhale a cloud of toxic vapor, which does Magic Skill damage equal to 20% of the Legion’s ultimate Unit Count to all Legions that are within an upward arc of the Hydra’s cloud. Additionally, Legions affected by this attack receive a stack of Poison.

Poisonous Pulse:

The Hydra launches a noxious globule in the direction of a Legion at random, dealing Magic Skill damage (800 times the normal amount) to all Legions in the immediate area. This attack inflicts a stack of Poison on the affected Legions.

Rancorous Strike:

The Hydra then rushes forward after a short period of charging up, sending all Legions in the way into the air and causing damage to Magic Skill with a Damage Factor of 500. This ability allows the Hydra to disrupt enemy formations and create opportunities for its allies.

Hydra Skills in Alliance:

Hydra Skills in Alliance:

Hydra Stinger:

The Hydra’s powerful stinger strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies. It deals Magic Skill damage to nearby enemy Legions or those within a forward arc with a Damage Factor of 600.

Poison Barbs:

With a venomous onslaught, the Hydra unleashes a barrage of poisonous barbs that inflict Magic Skill damage upon any Legions they strike. The initial Damage Factor for this ability is 2,000.

Poison Cloud:

One minute after being summoned, the Hydra casts Poison Cloud, enveloping the surrounding enemy Legions in a toxic mist. This mist inflicts Magic Skill damage with a Damage Factor of 300 for a duration of 30 seconds. Additionally, any Legion affected by the Poison Cloud experiences Decay, which gradually reduces their DEF by 5%. Decay accumulates an extra stack every three seconds.


The Hydra Behemoth in Call of Dragons embodies power, destruction, and versatility. With its massive size, devastating abilities, and strategic gameplay, the Hydra Behemoth presents a thrilling and rewarding experience for players seeking a dominant role on the battlefield. Master its unique strengths, coordinate with your team, and unleash your wrath upon your enemies.

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