Alistair Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Alistair Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is an immensely popular online multiplayer game that has captivated the attention of gamers worldwide. In this game, players have the opportunity to embody the role of a formidable dragon and participate in thrilling battles against other dragons. A fundamental aspect of the game entails the utilization of talent trees and builds, such as the Nico talent tree and builds, which provide players with the opportunity to customize their dragon’s abilities and capabilities.

In this article, we will delve into the Alistair talent tree, along with recommended builds and ideal pairings for Call of Dragons.

About Alistair:

About Alistair:

Alistair is a powerful warrior hero in the popular online multiplayer game, Heroes of the Storm. He is known for his strong defensive capabilities and his ability to control and disrupt enemy movements. Alistair is a popular choice among players who enjoy tanking and supporting their team.

Alistair Talent Tree:

Alistair Talent Tree:

Alistair’s talent tree is divided into four tiers, each of which offers several different talent choices. At each tier, players must choose one of two or three talents which can significantly impact Alistair’s performance.

First Tier:

At the first tier, Alistair has two primary talent options: Block and Reinforce. Block reduces incoming basic attack damage by 75%, while Reinforce increases Alistair’s maximum health by 15% and his basic attack damage by 30%. Both talents are strong options, but Block is generally preferred for its ability to mitigate incoming damage.

Second Tier:

At the second tier, players can choose between two additional talents: Thunder Clap and Crippling Slam. Thunder Clap deals area-of-effect damage and slows enemy movements, while Crippling Slam stuns enemies and deals bonus damage to them. Both talents are useful, but Thunder Clap is often the preferred choice for its utility in team fights.

Third Tier:

At the third tier, Alistair has three talent choices: Tough as Nails, Battle Momentum, and Healing Totem. Tough as Nails increases Alistair’s maximum health by 15%, while Battle Momentum reduces his ability cooldowns with each basic attack. Healing Totem places a healing totem on the ground, which heals nearby allies. All three talents are strong options, but Healing Totem is particularly useful for supporting your team in fights.

Fourth Tier:

At the fourth tier, players must choose between two ultimate abilities: Wrath of the Berserker and Avatar. Wrath of the Berserker increases Alistair’s attack damage and attack speed, while Avatar transforms him into a massive stone golem, granting him additional health and a powerful area-of-effect stun ability. 

Recommended Build:

Based on Alistair’s talent tree, a recommended build for him would be:

  • Level 1: Block
  • Level 4: Thunder Clap
  • Level 7: Healing Totem
  • Level 10: Avatar
  • Level 13: Double-Edged Sword
  • Level 16: Grasp of the Dead
  • Level 20: Titanic Might

This build focuses on Alistair’s defensive capabilities while also providing him with significant utility and damage output. Block and Healing Totem make Alistair an excellent tank, while Thunder Clap and Avatar allow him to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy movements. Double-Edged Sword and Grasp of the Dead provide additional damage output, while Titanic Might grants Alistair additional survivability and burst damage.

Best Pairing:

Alistair works well with a variety of heroes, but some of the best pairing options include:


Valla is a ranged assassin who deals significant damage but is relatively squishy. Alistair can help protect her with his defensive capabilities while she provides additional damage output to team fights.


Li-Ming is a powerful mage who deals significant burst damage but is also relatively squishy. Alistair can help protect her with his defensive capabilities while she provides additional burst damage to team fights.


Johanna is another warrior hero who specializes in tanking and controlling the battlefield. Pairing Alistair with Johanna can create a formidable frontline that is difficult for enemies to penetrate.


Alistair is a powerful hero in Heroes of the Storm with excellent defensive capabilities and the ability to control and disrupt enemy movements. By following the recommended build and pairing him with the right heroes, you can maximize Alistair’s potential and become a valuable asset to your team.

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