Nico Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Nico Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is a renowned strategy game with an impressive roster of heroes, each equipped with their own distinct abilities and talents. Nico is a standout hero due to his versatility, being able to offer both damage and support to his team. You can establish a stronger and more powerful army through collaboration with Velyn and tailored customization of their talent tree and builds.

In this article, we will explore Nico’s talent tree, suggest a recommended build, and identify the best hero pairing to help players unleash his full potential in Call of Dragons.



Nico is a valuable hero in Call of Dragons, known for his ability to provide both support and damage to his team. For players looking to maximize Nico’s supportive capabilities, investing in the archery path is recommended. Talents such as Healing Shot and Multi-shot can provide critical healing and additional damage to the team. Meanwhile, talents like Eagle Eye and Precision can enhance Nico’s own damage output.

Nico’s Talent Tree:

Nico's Talent Tree:

Nico’s talent tree is divided into three paths: Archery, Support, and Leadership. Each path offers different talents that can be used to enhance Nico’s abilities.

The Archery path is the most suitable path for Nico, as it focuses on increasing his damage output and attack speed. Players should invest in talents such as Arrow Storm, Precision, and Deadly Precision to increase Nico’s damage output. The Support path offers talents that provide Nico with defensive abilities to protect him from enemy attacks. Galea’s Protection and Iron Spear are excellent defensive talents that increase Nico’s survivability on the battlefield.

Finally, the Leadership path provides talents that boost Nico’s army’s morale and increase their combat effectiveness.

Recommended Build for Nico:

For Nico, the recommended build is the Archery build. Players should focus on increasing Nico’s damage output, attack speed, and critical hit chance. Talents such as Arrow Storm, Precision, and Deadly Precision should be invested in to achieve this goal. In addition, players should also invest in defensive talents such as Galea’s Protection and Iron Spear to protect Nico from enemy attacks.

Best Pairings for Nico:

To make Nico even more effective on the battlefield, players should pair him with other heroes that complement his strengths. Here are some of the best pairings for Nico in Call of Dragons:


Vega is a support hero that can provide additional damage and healing to her allies. When paired with Nico, Vega can heal him when he is in trouble and provide additional damage to enemy troops.


Luminous is a powerful mage hero that can deal massive AOE damage to enemy troops. When paired with Nico, the two can take down enemy armies quickly.


 Xerxes is a tank hero that can absorb damage and protect his allies. When paired with Nico, Xerxes can absorb enemy attacks and keep Nico safe from harm.


Nico is a versatile hero in Call of Dragons who can provide both support and damage to his team. By focusing on his Archery path and pairing him with other heroes that complement his strengths, players can create a formidable team that is difficult to defeat. With the right talent build and pairing, Nico can become a valuable asset to any team in Call of Dragons.

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