Madeline Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Madeline Talent Tree Build Guide & Best Pairing

Call of Dragons is a highly popular smartphone game that places significant emphasis on the construction of kingdoms and armies, along with player versus player combat. Choosing a hero to lead your army is a pivotal decision, given that each one possesses a unique set of talents and powers. This article will delve into Madeline, one of the heroes in Call of Dragons, her respective Talent Tree, and the ideal team composition to maximize her potential.

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About Madeline: 

About Madeline: 

Madeline is a powerful hero in Call of Dragons. She is a ranged attacker who excels in dealing damage from a distance. Her skills make her an excellent choice for players who prefer an offensive playstyle. Madeline’s abilities can be unlocked by upgrading her and earning skill points.

Talent Tree: 

Talent Tree: 

The Talent Tree is a feature in Call of Dragons that allows players to customize their heroes to better suit their playstyle. There are three branches in the Talent Tree: War, Strategy, and Development. Each branch has its own set of talents that can be unlocked by earning talent points.

For players who choose Madeline as their hero, it is recommended to focus on the War branch of the Talent Tree. This branch contains talents that increase Madeline’s ranged attack and reduce the time it takes for her abilities to recharge. Some of the recommended talents for Madeline in the War branch are:

  • Ranged Mastery: This talent increases Madeline’s ranged attack, making her more effective in combat.
  • Multishot: This talent allows Madeline to fire multiple arrows at once, dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • Critical Shot: This talent increases Madeline’s critical hit rate, making her attacks more deadly.
Recommended Build:

To make the most out of the Madeline Talent Tree, players should invest their talent points in a way that complements their playing style. A recommended build for the Madeline Talent Tree is a 20-20-20 split between the Combat, Support, and Control branches. This build provides players with a balanced set of abilities that can deal damage, heal, and control enemy forces.

Best Pairing: 

Madeline is a Hero in the mobile game Call of Dragons who specializes in dealing damage with her abilities. To maximize her effectiveness on the battlefield, it is important to pair her with other Heroes who can protect her from enemy attacks and provide her with additional crowd control. Here are some Heroes that work well with Madeline:

Tigreal – Tigreal is a Tank Hero who can stun enemies with his abilities, creating opportunities for Madeline to deal more damage with her abilities.

Rafaela – Rafaela is a Support Hero who can heal Madeline and provide her with additional crowd control to keep enemies at bay.

Aurora – Aurora is a Mage Hero who can provide additional crowd control to enemies, making it easier for Madeline to hit them with her abilities.

Minsitthar – Minsitthar is a Fighter Hero who can immobilize enemies, allowing Madeline to hit them with her abilities more easily.


The Madeline Talent Tree is a versatile talent tree that provides players with various options to customize their dragons. Its recommended build and best pairing options allow players to create a strong and powerful dragon army that can easily defeat enemy forces. By understanding the Madeline Talent Tree and its best pairing options, players can become the ultimate dragon lord in Call of Dragons.

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